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Showtime! The Creative Process #amwriting

Showtime — Or: The Final Hour

(Part 6 of a six-part post)

We’ve spent the last three weeks planning and practicing a dinner for four unknown guests and writing a short story that has swelled to way more than flash fiction proportions. Together we had an idea, brainstormed and arranged the sequence of events. We’ve suffered the highs and lows of the creative process. We have three courses; a beginning, a middle and an end. Now it’s showtime. Read more…

The Wartburg Castle in Eisenach, Germany


Dark Night of the Soul #mondayblogs

Despair – Or: Dark Night of the Soul

(Part 5 of a six-part post)

How does one feel when one has invested hours of research, money for materials and glistening bits of self into a project? Add to that the decision to share the project with other mortals. The result: a fruit salad of emotions; grape halves, bananas and pineapple chunks with bits of cucumber and salty ham.

Now the hour has come to bare all. My plan is in place and I’ve practiced the process more times than I am willing to admit. I stand before the big event and I feel like I’m coming out of a cave, into the open, to expose my soul to the rest of the world. I’ve finally mustered up enough courage to submit my story. And the guests are coming tonight. Read more…


Too Much Romance? #amwriting

Romance – Or: How Much is Too Much?

(Part 4 in a six-post series)

So, we’ve had an idea, brainstormed and have sorted out some sort of structure for our meal and for our story. Now we’re coming to the next phase. I need to reassess the work I have done, season, thicken, tweak and refine. I need to tighten up the plot, add descriptions and emotional nuances, elaborate here and there and spice up the characters in order to make this experience large and memorable. Here’s the question: how much is too much? Read more…

Chocolate Brownies

Learn to Break the Rules #mondayblogs

Rules – Or: Learn Them Before Breaking Them

(Part 3 of a six-part post)

Last post we brainstormed the appetizer and the beginning of the story. Better said, we threw a soup together and slammed a thousand words into a word document. The soup simmers away on the back burner. The story turns over in the back of my mind along with feedback from friends who’ve added their grease to the plot.

Now things are getting serious. Read more…


How Not To Follow a Recipe #amwriting

Chaos – Or: How Not to Follow a Recipe

(Part 2 of a six-part post)

In my last post we discussed the project at hand. I am writing a short story called The Women of Tragic Hearts and working through the trial round of a three-course meal for unknown guests in order to compare the creative processes involved and underline some of the similarities. And I have time today to practice the meal and to write. But I’m not feeling it. The inspiration has left me. Or could it be that I will regret exposing products of my so-called talents? Read more…