When Was Your Last #FirstAid Training?

Head Tilt-Chin Lift


First Aid ABC

A. Airway, Breathing, Circulation
B. Blood Pressure is too high when it hits 140 / 90
C. Chin Lift
D. Defibrillation
E. Elevate extremities with bleeding wounds, apply direct pressure and then a pressure bandage.
F. Fire can engulf a room in 45 seconds, so get out of a burning building!
G. Gloves may not be a bad idea.
H. Head Tilt
I. Intubation
J. Jaws of Life
K. Kids exhibiting symptoms of poisoning will probably not tell you what they ate or drank. Do not induce vomiting or give them milk to drink. Poison Control in Munich: Tel. 089-19240
L. Loss of limb
N. Nose bleeds are best treated by tilting the head forward and laying a cool, damp cloth on the back of the neck.
O. Opioids
P. Protruding objects are never to be removed from a wound. Stabilize the object and bring the patient to the hospital.
Q. Quiet children are a bad sign.
R. Remove the injured motorcyclist’s helmet if you live anywhere besides Pennsylvania.
S. Stop, Drop and Roll!
T. Telephone Numbers in Germany are 110 for Police and 112 for Fire and Ambulance.
U. Underwear should be changed every day in case you end up in the Emergency Room.
V. Varicose veins can rupture and are treated by applying direct pressure.
W. Why are the lights on German Emergency Vehicles blue? ‘Blaulicht,’ literally blue light, was introduced for emergency vehicles in 1933 because it was harder to see from the air, a plus during air raids.
X. Xyphoid process is the point on the sternum that you no longer have to look for before starting CPR. Just put your hands on the middle of the chest and keep a rhythm of 100 bpm. Start with 2 breaths and then 30 chest compressions.
Y. You, the first-aider, must always think of your own safety.
Z. Zero is the amount of times we hope you need this sort of training.
So, when was your last First-Aid training?

4 thoughts on “When Was Your Last #FirstAid Training?

  1. Betsy

    Redcross training 2006.
    X…I think they are saying now to start with chest compressions 100X per minute and keep doing until help arrives.
    R…….4 states are completely 100% helmet free.
    About 25 states including PA have limited helmet riding laws.
    and the rest are all rider helmet law.

    Nick …Do not understand?


  2. Laura Libricz

    Hey Bets,

    Resuci-Annie comes with a box full of faces so that they don't have to disinfect the lips after every mouth-to-mouth practice.You just plug the mouth on and attach to the button behind the ears, like Frankenstein. You are right, I think I was dreaming when they said 'start with the two breaths.' We started with 30 chest compressions, then 2 breaths. When resuscitating (who dreamt up that spelling?)babies, you start with two breaths.

    Helmet Laws? Who needs 'em? They need organ donors, I believe you told me once.



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