The Ordered World #mondayblogs

Pieter Lastmann-1614- Susanne und die beiden Alten

Today’s Guest Blogger:

Pieter van Diemen, Amsterdam 1616
Mercenary Soldier, Seaman and Poet
Translated into English by Sebald Tucher

The Ordered World

Faith is a rope swinging from a point unseen
Grab hold and climb always risking a fall
Ambition, a droning motion grinding forward
Fueled by faith—the swinging rope.
Hope—like a pin prick of light that flickers
And dies at the mere touch
Only to repeat elsewhere on the horizon
Never reaching full sheen.

I’d let you in this time
Fool I am, I’m drowning deep
‘Tis you who’ll pay, ‘tis your crime
You will pay
Your crime this time

Evil lives in a hole in the wall
The eyes are green with envy
The claws are grey with mud
The breathe of Evil smells of rot
Of death and desecration

Happiness doesn’t need a metaphor because it doesn’t exist
A wispy ghost
Appearing usually when you’re not looking
You see it first when it’s gone
I know you know
I see your face
You look
I wretch
I’m reeling
I’m up
I’m out
Get dressed
Go home
You suck me dry, you’re stealing

Fear–locks frozen on an age old door
Rusty, unused, paralyzing fear

Freedom is the talent of fight
Freedom is the ability of flight
Awarded to a heavy stone statue after years of service
Death granted to the chronically ill.
Loss is what appears when I open my eyes in the morning
And my dream world recedes.

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