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Blog Fling

I’ll be blogging over at The Mslexia Blog for the next three months and thought I’d kick this off with a summer aperitif. Even though it’s hard to imagine enjoying a cocktail at a street café on a sunny afternoon when the misty rain insists on continuing. 
The theme of my blog residency is The Love of Writing Compared to The Love of Cooking. Now what do these two things have in common? Everything starts with a dilemma; a problem that needs solving. Out springs a bright idea that I think is as good as when the wheel was invented. This evolves to some sort of planning, then chaos, then the clean-up and an eventual surrender to discipline. And this results in a readable story or an edible meal. So I hope.
So, you have a choice of two alcoholic cocktails, favorites here at the cafes in Germany. And one non-alcoholic cocktail as well:

Try an Aperol Spritz

(Aka lovely, poison-orange liquid in a wine glass.) Here’s the 3-2-1 principle. Three parts white wine or prosecco, two parts Aperol and one part sparkling water. For example: 60 ml wine, 40 ml Aperol and one splash of sparkling water. Add an orange slice and some ice and you’re set!
Or try a Hugo:

(could be compared to a Mojito, but fruitier and much lighter) Why don’t we mix a pitcher while we’re at it? Take 500 ml prosecco, 100 ml elder blossom syrup, 3 limes, some mint leaves and a splash of sparkling water. Crush the mint leaves and the lime in the bottom of a glass pitcher. Slowly add the prosecco, then the elder blossom syrup and top it off with a shot of sparkling water.  Can also be served in a wine glass but a cocktail glass will do fine.
Non-alcoholic Hugo can be prepared with an alcohol-free prosecco or with a sparkling water and a name-brand lime juice.
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