Greetings from the Chaos Kitchen

Laura’s Chaos-Cooking Tip #2: Survive the snow by serving steamy soup!

On my way to PA today! And it’s still friggin’ snowing there and here in Germany, too. I can’t wait to cook with my big sister this weekend. I’m sure she can’t wait to have me in her kitchen.

Now, there’s a big soup discussion going on over at Terrible Minds today. And I love soup coz you can throw just about anything (presumably edible) in there. So I thought I’d share one of my favorites with you.

Hokkaido Soup (Hokkaido is a little, dark-orange pumpkin from Japan that you don’t have to peel).

Take one hokkaido and wash it. Cut off the stem, cut it open, remove the seeds and cut it all into cubes. You might have a bowl full, that’s enough.

Peel a big onion. If you don’t have a big one, then peel two or three little ones depending on if you even like onions. And a couple of cloves of garlic while you’re at it. Chop it all up. Heat a big pot, pour in some oil, (a few splashes is good. I like cold-extracted olive oil) throw the onions in first, let them cook a bit and then throw in the garlic. If you like curry, you could sprinke curry over the oily frying onions until the smell makes your mouth water, then it’s enough. Then pour something liquid over the top. Like that white wine you’re sipping. Or vegetable broth. Homemade lamb stock is really good if you’re not serving to vegan friends.

Ok, Hokkaido, go! Throw that in, unpeeled, of course. Add four peeled and cubed potatoes to help thicken. Cover it all up with broth (that’s enough wine!) Cover the pot and set a timer if you’re going back online or, um, going back to your writing. Twenty minutes unless you find yourself composing a volume-sized comment on some blog or another. When you come back you’ll be surprised how fast that cooked. It should be really mushy.

Puree the soup now using your favorite kitchen utensil. If you’re serving to meat-eaters, you can add creme fraisch or real sour cream. For our vegan friends, soy cream does nicely, too. Salt and pepper to taste. Add fresh grated ginger and serve. Serving suggestions: top with roasted pumpkin seeds and a little spash of pumpkin seed oil.  

Guten Appetit!

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