Lyrical Spherical 2

‘Dream Train’ by Mick Rooney RA

by Regina Holm-Stockley
Got an ache inside my head
Eyes sensitive to light
I think it is about that time
Where i should say goodnight.
The voices buried deep inside
They like the darkest night
As i close my weary eyes
They start to scream and fight.
A battle of magnitude
It makes me think i might
be on the losing side
and my sanity in flight.
Drifting deeper into dreams
of pure craziness in sight
letting go of everything
can be the purest delight.
In my world of make-believe
Nothing is black or white
Internal mayhem rules
Along with colours bright.
Dragging me much deeper in
Reaching malicious height
A nightmare’s ugly head
The mind shudders from fright
Finally dawns another day
Dreams are banished by light
A weary head awakens
To dream again tonight

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