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Just Shy of 500 Words

The Monkey’s Plastic Dreams
Beyond the glass door, she saw a flash from a hand-held light in the hallway. It bobbed up and down as its holder walked closer to the laboratory. She rubbed her eyes, still quite sleepy. She heard the click of the lock. It jolted her blood into circulation. Panic flooded her as the overhead lights twinkled and buzzed to life, drenching the white-tiled room with a greenish sheen.
Horrendous screeching, meowing, barking, pounding and slamming suddenly switched on, intense as the interfering light; animals thrown into a frenzy, jarred out of their sleep. But she sat quiet in the corner of her cage, made herself small and invisible. She could hear nothing over the ruckus but saw the white lab coat approach. The last time this happened, they had tied her into a metal frame, shaved her head, implanted some wires and sunk her into some plastic dreamscape. She could only remember seeing her reflection in the glasses worn by the white lab coat.
She allowed the white lab coat to extract her from her cage. Heavy work gloves squeezed her arms to her sides. They carried her into a dark room that, with the click of a switch, shone with that same green sheen. The lab coat stuffed her into that same metal frame, her arms and legs tied fast with leather straps. The white lab coat fitted a plastic mask over her face.
Fire! She smelled fire! The mask filled with smoke. It covered her nose and mouth. She had no choice but to breathe it in. Sting! A needle pricked her arm. Her eyes shifted and watched the white lab coat insert a needle in her vein. Green liquid flowed through a tube and into her arm. Warmth spread from her head to her black curled toes. Her eye lids drooped under the weight of the oncoming plastic dream.
The white lab coat conversed with another. Their sounds formed words. She could understand them. More sounds that formed words came out of a little box next to the window. The two white lab coats stopped talking and turned to the little box. The words it emitted became louder. She could understand the human speech.  
Legislation was passed today at a federal level banning all animal testing. The animals are to be removed from the laboratories and funding has been arranged to secure their well-being…
The two white lab coats listened intently. She watched them as another blast of smoke filled her mask. 
…Scientists have finally admitted that over the years animal testing provides them with less than acceptable results. The now-overflowing jails, due to the recent restrictions placed on banks and bankers, provide more than enough human subjects for the pharmaceutical, tobacco and cosmetic companies…
Oh! So she’d died and gone to heaven.