Monthly Archives: September 2012

The Autumn Equinox

Something turned this week. It didn’t go off, like rolls molding in the bread box, or sour, like wine in an open bottle that nobody ever finished (?). No abrupt thump, though maybe a shock of frost has settled; a veil of light fog. Nothing has changed but the season is turning.
The Autumn Equinox signals a balance between light and dark. Today there is an equal portion of day and night.  The hectic harvest is, for the most part, behind us and we can slowly retreat into our winter habitats. We are grateful for our winter stores as we watch nature around us dying. Other images: a late, golden afternoon, spider webs beaded with dew, harvesting and preparing meats, wisps of fog hanging between red and orange oak leaves. A feast of thanks.
As we withdraw again this time of year, let us consciously count our blessings. And we have so many.  
I’d like to wish you all a wonderful Autumn Equinox and a balanced weekend! 

Here’s a cool website for more Autumnn Equinox lore: Michael Garofalo