Der Drachenstich

                   …or To Stab the Dragon

We’re off this weekend to Furth im Wald for the annual Festspiel called Der Drachenstich. The town Furth im Wald, in Czech Brod nad Lesy or Bavorsky Brod,  lies in the Bavarian Forest directly on the Czech border.

Der Drachenstich is considered the oldest festival of this type, its first performance dating back to over 500 years ago. The play, now performed in an open-air theatre, takes place during the Hussite Wars (1420–1434), And here an ancient legend comes to life: The Legend of the Dragon and the oldest myths of humanity the struggle of good against evil.

Here’s the official Drachenstich website:

Der Drachenspiel Video

Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll bring some pictures for you!!

2010– The new dragon Tradinno–15.5 meters long, 4.5 meters high, weighing 11 tons


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