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GoTV is Coming Tomorrow!

Who is coming tomorrow? What is GoTV anyway? Where are they coming from? Why would they want to come at all? How is any of this going to affect me and you?
Well, GoTV is just Europe’s best music television station. They play music videos. Remember when music TV stations used to play music videos? Once upon a time, Germany had access to another major music TV station. But, thank the heavens, they took it off the satellite and put their quality shows like Next and Disaster Date and etcetera on Pay TV.
GoTV is at home in Vienna, Austria. They don’t have VJs. Like I said, they play music videos. What kind of music do they play? They play what’s new in Austria, Germany, Europe and America, they play the UK Charts, they play rock, they play hard-and-heavy, they play dance, they play just about anything your heart desires. 
Yes, they play commercials. How else could they pay for their services? They advertise the festivals going on in Austria, the Austrian cell phone rates that bring tears to my eyes because German rates are about three times as expensive as well as spots for upcoming specials. Gives us all time to go out and smoke a cigarette.
Upcoming specials? Well, they do this great show called Hosted by . This is the only time you’ll see VJs. The show is usually ‘hosted by’ a band who happens to be touring Austria and they take time out from the grind to play an hour of their favorite videos. But not only do famous singers and guitarist get to do this show! And they don’t only film in Vienna. Sometimes they go onto the road to other points of interest and allow Mortals to do this show too!
GoTV is coming to Hofner Guitars tomorrow to film our version of Hosted by inside the walls of our sacred guitar factory. We’ll be playing videos from Muse, Massive Attack, The Dead Weather and Beatsteaks, just to name a few.
What? You live in Europe, you have a satellite dish but you don’t get GoTV? We’ll just have to change that. Here’s their reception details  so you can get cracking and track them down!  
Hosted by…Hofner Guitars will be aired on Thursday, September 13, 2012 at 9 pm CET. 
GoTV  Be part of it!