The Bakery

Have we ever discussed the superiority of German baked products? You’ll find a bakery on every corner in the city, and usually at least one in the small villages (except Mailach–the baker comes in his van once a week.)
Steaming sourdough breads, spiced rye bread, warm rolls and hot soft pretzels spread with melting butter, whole-meal breads with pumpkin seeds, cinnamon-laced apple cake with a soft crust glazed with sugar, cheesecake with mandarins, creamy Donauwelle–a marble cake with soaked cherries inside, whipped cream and a thick chocolate glaze on top–apple strudel with raisins, are you still with me?
In spite of the head-spinning varieties of baked goods, I always get compliments on my Banana Bread. I find it’s one of the easiest things to bake, these quick breads, and the recipe allows for substitutions and adjustments. So, here’s my basic recipe in English and just scroll down if you want it in German. I will note some of the adjustments I make, too:
Banana Bread
3 large ripe bananas
1 cup sugar
1 egg
4 tablespoons butter
1 ½ cups flour       
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking soda
Bake at 325° F. 45-55 minutes. Makes one loaf.
Mash bananas, add sugar, egg and melted butter. Then add the dry ingredients and stir just until the ingredients are moistened (like muffins–you don’t want to stir the dickens out of it.)
I’ve already substituted apple sauce for bananas; just add more flour if it’s too wet. I’ve already substituted rum and cocoa for bananas, too, one cup of the mixture –that was great–covered with a glaze of chocolate and rum. Use whole meal flour if you want an alibi. Less butter can also be used. Add 2 eggs if you want it a bit cakey-er. And dark-brown sugar is a must. All that baking soda is too much for me, I use half baking soda and half baking powder.
Banane Brot
3 große Bananen
250 g Zucker
1 Ei
4 EL Butter
375 g Mehl
1 TL Natron
1 TL Salz
In einen Schussel, stampf die Bananen, misch dazu Zucker, Ei und zerlassene Butter. Dann die trockene Zutaten runter heben, bloß bis die angefeuchtet sind. In einen Ofen backen bei 175° C für 45-55 Minuten in einen Laib Form.  Wenn man will, kann man 2 Eier nehmen, wird’s lockerer. Man kann auch Backpulver nehmen anstatt Natron, oder beide mischen. Dunkelbraun Bio-Roh Rohzucker ist schmackhafter, Vollkornmehl, auch.

3 thoughts on “The Bakery

  1. Nick

    Europe generally seems to know how to make good bread. In France they too have small local bakeries with excellent bread and cakes to die for, I know having eaten a lot! Sadly the UK is the exception as it continues to make products only fit for fishing bait.


  2. Betsy

    Oh it looks so yummy, I love Banana Bread and Zuchinni bread is awesome too; lets throw some nuts in too. I love German cookies too!
    But now you made me hungry for lots of baked goods Laura!



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