The Sacrifice of Isaac– Pieter Lastmann 1616

Today’s Guest Blogger:

Pieter van Diemen, Amsterdam 1616
Mercenary Soldier, Seaman and Poet
Translated into English by Sebald Tucher


To what end
Was this to lead?
Whose heart
Was meant to bleed?
Sing for me
From the dead.
Scream at me
End this dread.
Hooks and knives and
Pain and loathing.
Ships and sails and
Sopping clothing.
Hell’s waters foam
So far from Home.
When I return to Port, they’ll say
There’s the boy that went away.
After he let his Madeleine down.
I’ll never again say
How much I loved you.
Can you ever forgive me?
Will I ever forgive myself?
Here’s a link to another poem by Pieter van Diemen

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