…you did WHAT?!

It depends on the cookie, really. What would you do for a vanilla wafer, a sugar cookie, or a store-bought ginger snap? Or a chocolate covered oreo, a warm chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream melting on the top, or a chocolate-chocolate chip macadamia that was taken out of the oven after just eight minutes, so it’s still a bit raw in the middle?
I never did a lot of cooking. I only really started doing more than noodles or potatoes or an occasional boiled chicken ten years or so ago. But I’ve been baking cookies for as long as I can remember.
I like to experiment with the recipes and, like anything else in the world, there are just a few ground rules. It’s like a science project, right Cathy? You need some dry stuff, some wet stuff, some fatty stuff and something to glue it all together. Sounds appetizing.
Adding an extra egg makes the cookies cakey-er, but that isn’t always the desired result. American recipes call for salt and baking soda, but I find they get too salty, especially if I’m leaving some of the sugar out, or using this wonderful dark-dark brown sugar. I substitute baking powder and get good results. And I never let them bake all the way. I take them out just before they are really done–with chocolate cookies even more so, because mine are so dark, you can’t see if they’re brown or burnt. Maybe I should turn the light on.
So, here is my Top-Ten List of my favorite cookies:
1. Store-bought oreos
2. Store-bought chocolate covered oreos
3. Homemade molasses spice cookie with lots of spice and a bit of black pepper
4. Kiffels with Lekvar (Yeast dough, not cream cheese dough, and no, I have never attempted to make them)
5. Classic Toll House aka chocolate chip
6. Chocolate chip recipe using M&M’s or even better, chopped up Toffee Fee
7. Warm chocolate chip that isn’t quite baked through
8. Warm chocolate chip peanut that isn’t quite baked through with ice cream melting on the top
9. Chocolate-choco mint chip, warm, ice cream, whipped cream
10. Chocolate-Ghiradelli chocolate chip with cashews or macadamias, warm, ice cream, whipped cream and choco syrup.

4 thoughts on “…you did WHAT?!

  1. Anonymous

    Yep, science for sure. Probably why I am no good at baking! Agree with the chocolate covered Oreos….thanks Laura I didnt even know that they made them until you gave me one. My favourites though have to be whatever it was that you made last weekend….YUMMY x



  2. Nick

    Some years ago I went to dinner at a friends house. On the table was a potted plant and nobody really took any notice of it. When it was time for desert my friend reached for the plant and pulled it out of the pot. he then served the “earth” in the pot as the dessert. Quite a trick.
    The plant was a very good fake. The “earth” was Oreos ground up and something else was added but i cannot recall what now.


  3. Lois

    After reading this I am really hungry.

    I really love chocolate chip cookies of any kind, preferably homemade and with dark chocolate. My favorite recipe uses whole wheat flour which gives the cookie a darker color and nuttier flavor. Peanut butter chocolate chip is also awesome.



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